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When deciding to enter the bookmaker market, those who choose do not have an easy task. Although few entities on it allow implementing their betting types, the competition between them is huge and it turns out that it is difficult to choose one of them. Our website was created to facilitate this choice. We publish not only information on the offer of legal bookmakers, but also all kinds of guides that will help you find yourself on the betting scene and gain skill in effective betting.

Bookmakers – legality and offer

From 2010 (and with greater rigor with 2017), bookmakers must have an official license from the Ministry of Finance to be able to operate legally in our country. The gambling law, which was then implemented, somehow forced them to pay taxes in our country, but also many things that positively affect our experience of using their offer – including the legibility of the regulations and the safety of each of the actions taken within them websites. Due to the requirement of a license by beech, we can only perform betting tips with a dozen or so of several dozen previously existing operators. It does not mean, however, that we do not have much choice – this one is, also, huge, and the competition on the scene is as fierce as never before.

Main offer of bookmakers

The vast majority of bookmakers focus on football, building the rest of their offer around it. No wonder – it is this discipline that attracts the largest number of bettors, and most operators cover it at the representative and league level, usually very complete and with great reverence. But football is not everything. E-sport is becoming more and more important in the betting world, which is partly due to the changing times and the growing role of modern technologies in everyone’s life.

Bookmakers, however, do not limit themselves to a few sports disciplines, allowing them to implement betting tips also within the less known ones, but still have their supporters. Supporters can count on something for themselves:

volleyball, basketball, and handball, considered very popular in our country,



clay pigeon,

winter sports.

The entire bookmaker offer allows you to turn good betting tips into bets in the pre-match model. However, live betting is becoming more and more popular, which is not underestimated by any bookmaker. Due to the nature of such betting, the offer for matches covered by this format varies from operator to operator. If we want to use it, we must therefore make an even more in-depth comparison. Usually, operators focus on covering not single and randomly selected matches, but entire leagues or specific matches, which should make the choice much easier.

Betting tips and the bonus offer

Each bookmaker tries to attract new customers and professional tipsters by skilfully preparing a bonus offer usually focused around the welcome bonus  – the basic and usually the most specific. Welcome bonuses are offered by every bookmaker. This one can take three forms:

a deposit bonus that rewards your first deposit (usually by doubling it) but has a lot of wagering requirements;

no deposit bonus  (free bet) with clear conditions and low wagering requirements;

a secure bonus  with the refund of the stake (up to a certain amount) in the event of incorrectly selecting your first coupon

In addition to the welcome bonus, all bookmakers allow you to reach for promotional codes, which often significantly increase the budget for betting types. They are usually available on websites independent of the bookmaker – we offer many that are worth using.

Bookmakers are increasingly paying attention to how easy it is to change the operator nowadays, who transforms betting tips into the right bets. Therefore, their bonus offer is also directed to regular customers, usually enabling them to participate in attractive loyalty programs. These work in very different ways, usually promoting not so much higher stakes and deposits as regular play and loyalty.

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