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For several months now, I have been thinking about writing about slot machines, but not the gambling ones, but old machines where hundreds of hours used to be lost. At a time when advanced graphics were reduced to a few pixels, the game was the most fun for me. Therefore, you will find a few words about slot machines here.

Like most of the players here, I play news and the hours spent with my friends playing FIFA or NBA are hard to count. However, it will be difficult for me to interest readers in something that almost everyone knows, so I decided that I would start with something else – slot games.

Some time ago I found a great site ( Internet Arcade ) that made available nearly 700 games from old classic slots.  As I checked, some games have over 450,000 views. The leader of the popularity ranking is the “Out Run” car, in which you sit behind the wheel of a red Ferrari and drive on the track (probably, because you can’t see too little) racing with other cars. The game is very addictive, at the time of writing this text, I spent half an hour breaking my records. If you want to try, at the bottom you will find instructions on how to start the game (control is the gas pedal, space change gear – there are only two, and you turn the arrows).

On the described website you can find real antiques, including slot machines from the 70s, but many games are known to an older audience. Games produced by SEGA or Atari often appeared as bar machines. After all, games like Astro Blaster (in various variations) or Indiana Jones are classics of the genre. That’s why I recommend visiting the website and spending a moment remembering what it was like in the old days or seeing what teenagers played in the 90s.

So I come back to the topic because recently I was sitting in a bar, it was hard to name a restaurant, where I remembered the view from the old days. Several people were standing next to each other and playing slot machines. Unfortunately, this time it was gambling machines. Maybe I will write a separate entry on this subject, but I do not know exactly what their phenomenon is. The game does not require any skills, reflexes, or knowledge. It’s just silly clicking a button and waiting for the result. It seems that the old arcade players at the machines have been replaced by people who have no imagination of what they are doing. And yet there are also websites where you can play such games for free and internet casinos, which are probably not entirely legal, but also attract a large number of players. The guys sit there and lose a lot of money. In maybe 20 minutes, I saw the guy lose at least 200 zlotys. I was looking for some information on this subject and found out that one slot machine has a turnover of up to PLN 500,000 and a profit of around PLN 50,000 per year. 

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