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The Holland Casino, which rightfully goes by the name “casino”, is the only real casino. The law provides that the Gaming Authority may only issue a license for gaming casinos to one legal entity. This license has been issued to Holland Casino since 1975, making it the only legal provider of casino games in our country. The Holland Casino is a state-owned company (although privatization is sometimes considered) and therefore has to hand over the net profit to the state. The Holland Casino has 14 locations throughout the Netherlands. Do you not live near a Holland Casino, but would you still like to gamble? Then you can choose another gambling opportunity. However, these occasions are slightly different

Slightly different

A big difference between the Holland Casino and the other gambling facilities is the hourly loss, which is determined by law. A higher hourly loss is allowed in the Holland Casino than in an arcade. Arcades sometimes use a so-called club meter (you use your winnings to play at a higher limit), so that you can still play with a higher limit. Also, there is a difference in the payout percentage of the slot machines. At Holland Casino, about 10% more is paid out than in an arcade, but on the other hand, there are entrance fees and higher drink prices at the Holland Casino. Do you visit Holland Casino more often? Then you can take advantage of several advantages.

Play live

Do you want to play live games? Then Holland Casino is the only place where this is legally possible. Arcades may not offer live interaction games. That is why you can only play live table games, such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, at the Holland Casino. To still experience live interaction, at some arcades you can participate for free in certain table games that fall under the promotional games of chance.

Advanced machines and bigger profits

Many arcades have the same type of gaming machines, while the range in Holland Casino is much more extensive. Moreover, you can win much higher amounts at Holland Casino. Just think of the Mega Millions. Where a gaming hall is allowed to pay out a maximum of € 2500, you can have a chance to win several million euros in Holland Casino.

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