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Betgames – a new service within the offer of the bookmaker STS, allowing for typing card games – is developing very quickly and is gaining popularity just as quickly. One of the games that have just entered its scope, and is already attracting a large audience, is Poker 6+. In this short post, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about it before actually reaching for it. We will focus on outlining its basic rules and differences from classic poker (Texas Hold’em rules, the most popular around the world), but also on a step-by-step presentation of when exactly you can bet and what each hand in it looks like.

Poker 6+ – basic information about it

Poker 6+  is one of the most popular (although less popular than Texas Hold’em) varieties of poker, which is based on a smaller deck – the 52-card is replaced with 36 cards, only those with a value of six or more. This is what owes its name. Thanks to fewer cards, the hands are more dynamic –  especially since only two (instead of six) players are involved. In this version of poker, the dealer takes an active part in the simulation, being one of the sides of the duel. 

Naturally, this one will be the winner for the player who makes the best hand  – this rule is essential for all types of poker. The hand must consist of two (and therefore all) individual cards of the player and three arbitrarily chosen (out of five) community cards, laid out on the table with subsequent stages.

Poker betting at Betgames has a two-way betting route. They can bet on:

the final result of the hand, which could be a victory for the player, a win for the dealer, or a break (draw);

a hand that wins, regardless of the participant in the hand who makes it – here are ten options.

Typing within Poker 6+ must be based on single tickets. However, you can include several if desired.

Poker 6+ – the deal and betting step by step

One hand in Poker 6+ has been split into five stages. After each of them (except the first – in its case, we can bet during), we will be able to bet on the option we choose, from the two we have already presented.

Stage 1 – shuffling

In the first stage of the hand, the dealer (usually the dealer) shuffles the cards,  giving us 30 seconds to place our first bets. At the moment, it is the most profitable, but also the riskiest – we know nothing about any of the cards that will appear on the table.

Stage 2 – giving away

This stage involves the dealer putting two cards on the table for himself (invisible for the entire game, until the end of the game) and two for the player – we can see these. After this stage, we have  10 seconds to bet.

Stage 3 – the flop

In the third step, the dealer places the first three community cards on the table. This stage is considered by many to be the most important – it can be used to evaluate and reject or predict many options for the development of events. We only have  10 seconds to do so before the next stage begins.

Stage 4 – river

The fourth community card is thrown on the table. This time we have  15 seconds for typing. We also have more information and greater certainty about possible coupon solutions.

Stage 5 – turn

At the last stage, the dealer places the fifth community card on the table. We have a full view of what the situation is and need to quickly find the best hand in hand. We have 20 seconds to do so  – if it turns out to be high enough, we can make our last bet, which is adequate to what we think.

After the fifth and final stage of the hand, the dealer will reveal his cards and compare the hands (the system will choose the best ones that the players can make. In case of a tie, the decisive player will be the strongest component card. It is possible to end the hand with a so-called split if and it won’t bring a specific winner.

As you can see the rules of Poker 6+ are very simple, which is why Betgames STS is so popular. Many professional tipsters have moved to gamble card games because the chance of winning is greater than, for example, predicting football matches. Card games such as online poker, war, blackjack, and baccarat have it that even novice players understand their rules after a few han

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