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Poker analysis software is software that maps the game of poker based on statistics. The software runs while you are playing a poker game and registers the behavior of you and your opponents. You can then view these statistics so that you can learn from them. You will learn which weaknesses occur in your current poker game and can improve yourself considerably!

Poker revolver

Poker Revolver itself is a very advanced software in the field of poker analysis. It offers many advantages over the competition, including automatic updates and an integrated heads-up display. Read more about the poker evolver software >>


HM2 is also a high-quality poker analysis software. It keeps track of your statistics, but also those of the opponent. Discover where they are going wrong and take advantage of it. Go to Holdem manager 2 >>

Poker tracker

Pokertracker is known as one of the leading poker software suites of the moment. The software is very comprehensive and, just like other software, looks up the mistakes of the opponents. The advantage is that this software can be tried for free for 3 months. Read more about Pokertracker >>


Meester offers the serving as poker analysis software for Texas Hold’em poker, but distinguishes itself by being useful for Omaha poker as well. The software is offered at different amounts per year. So you can scale your expenses according to your usage!

HM Apps

HM apps are various pieces of software that help you improve your poker game. It consists of 5 apps that each have their purpose. The parts are:


Table scanner 2

TableNinja 2

SitNGo Wizard

Leak Buster

Start Playing Poker

Are you going to start playing poker or have you been in for a while and planning to improve your game? We help you to become a good poker player in a short time, you will receive important hints and useful poker tips to take your game to the next level. There are plenty of poker players out there looking for opponents just like you to spar. Whether you’re playing poker with a group of friends or looking for a challenge online, it doesn’t matter, practice is important to progress and gain insight into a winning strategy.

Without rules, you don’t know how to play, so it’s important to know them. Poker is easy to learn and by regularly playing a game you get the right feeling and grip on the game. Over time, you will be able to win a game now and then and you may start thinking about wager some money. Only do this when you are ready and have faith in the way you play. Don’t make the mistake of moving up to the higher levels too quickly, there are many players out there looking for easy prey.

Increase your game insight

If you want to win more often at poker, there is nothing else to do than practice and learn from your mistakes. Every serious player is going to develop, strategy is an increasingly important part of the game of poker. Your tactical insight is increased, so you get more and more grip on the game. Learn to deal with difficult situations, although that is not always easy. Art is to make decisions at the right time that are necessary to win or lose as little as possible. Concentration and discipline are important aspects of the game of poker also for professional poker players, train yourself to play seriously and with fun.

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