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Playing slots online is a lot of fun and it just gets more and more common. Today there are hundreds of different online casinos to choose from. At the same time, more and more popular slot games or slot machines as they are also called are being manufactured. These modern versions of classic slot machines are the most popular online casino games. Here we go through the most fun slots.

In this guide, we go through 3 of the most popular slot games online!

Mega Fortune

One of the world’s perhaps most popular slot games. Mega Fortune has been played by an incredible number of people, and the game’s jackpot has made several people millionaires! The highest profit distributed is over SEK 150 million!  The manufacturer behind the game is NetEnt, and here they have succeeded with their game idea.

The design of the game is nice, the background is decorated for example by a luxury boat in a harbor with palm trees. The game exudes luxury with the help of its symbols that contain everything from thick bundles of banknotes, champagne bottles, and jewelry to long white limousines.

The game is structured with five reels on three lines, a total of 25 pay lines. To get the free spins mode, you need three bottles of champagne, not in a row but somewhere on the reels. You get different numbers of free spins depending on the value of the champagne bottle. In this mode, a multiplier is also started that multiplies your winnings up to five times! To reach the bonus game you need at least three bonus symbols in a row, you get this turns out to be a jackpot wheel consisting of three different levels.

It is important to get from the outermost level of the wheel to the innermost. This is done by succeeding in ending up on the golden arrow symbol at the current level, you are then moved inwards in the wheel to the next level. The same applies here to reach the innermost level. The outermost level has the lowest winnings, while you will find the highest winnings at the bottom.


This is a well-known slot machine that belongs to the absolute top tier of popular slot games. Strong beautiful colors combined with nice music, diamonds, and precious stones. Starburst’s theme undeniably makes us think of space. Here you are met by five wheels in three rows, where you have winning opportunities both from the right and the left.

Many slots only win when the symbols come in a row from the left, but in Starburst you also have the chance from the right. You need at least three symbols in a row to win. At most, you can bet on 10 pay lines. In addition to the game’s diamonds and gems, you will find the BAR symbol in a stylish gold finish. If you succeed with the feat of producing enough BARs, you win 500 times your bet, and this is the maximum win for the game.

Another symbol to keep track of is the WILD symbol, this one looks more or less like a star in several different colors. This can appear on wheels number two, three, and four. The WILD symbol is a bit like a joker, it replaces all symbols in the game and thus significantly increases your chances of winning. In addition to this, it also locks the wheel it is sitting on, while the other wheels spin for a “Re-spin”, this “Re-spin” function can be repeated three times. If you manage to repeat it three times, you are guaranteed a big win.

Gonzo´s Quest 

Follow our explorer friend in search of gold. Unlike most other slot machines, this is not a machine with spinning wheels, here you are instead met by falling boulders. This makes the game very different and is a big reason why this slot ends up on our list.

In the background, you can hear the nature of the jungle, and when you win, a short melody is played that immediately makes us think of Andalusia. It’s probably no coincidence either because Gonzo is Spanish.

This slot game has five falling stacks (normally we would call this wheel), in three rows. There are a total of 20 pay lines, and if you bet on max bet, this party costs SEK 500. Once you win, the stones that meant winning are crushed and replaced with new ones. Should these new ones also give a profit, this will be credited, so here you have the chance to win several times in a single spin!

If you succeed in this four times, you will also be rewarded with a multiplier that quintuples your last win. Free spins in this slot are called Free Falls, and it is activated when you get three boulders of gold, you then get ten Free Falls. If during this session you get three more boulders like this, you get ten more Free Falls, but also a multiplier that increases your winnings 15 times.

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