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Of course, everyone wants to have the highest possible chance of winning a lot of money in the casino. Many studies have shown that in the casino you always lose money in the long run. That one lucky winner who gets rich doesn’t outweigh the millions of other players who keep losing money. Yet there are always smart people or manipulators who think they know how to outsmart the casino. The question in this blog is, therefore: is there a system in Roulette that allows you to beat the casino?

Roulette in a nutshell

Roulette is a fairly simple game of chance in which a wheel and a ball play the leading role. As a player, you bet on certain numbers or combinations of numbers that you think will cause the ball to come to rest in the wheel. The game is quite simple because as a player you cannot use your skills to increase your chances of winning. So it is a real game of chance where your chance of winning depends on external unpredictable factors. At least that’s a common belief, of course.

Outsmart the system?

Still, there are certain stories of people who claim to have found a system in Roulette that significantly increases their chances of winning. In that light, they claim that they can beat the casino with their skill or cleverness. Are these individuals possibly speaking the truth or is their story boasting? Unless they are Uri Geller and they can miraculously change the direction of the ball, it might be worth taking a look at some of these stories.

The Story of Joseph

In 1873, the British engineer Joseph Jagger claimed that by using unbalanced gaming tables he could increase his chances of winning at Roulette. He had discovered that in a specific casino not all gaming tables were equally well balanced and that at a particular gaming table some numbers fell more often. So he had not found a system in the game itself, but a system in a failing Roulette table. Then he won over $ 300,000 by betting on those numbers at that failing table. Before that, that amount was equal to about $ 6 million. In the end, the casino won by purchasing new (perfectly balanced) wheels.

Analyzing results

Over the years, Joseph’s story has not been the only one. There are several cases known in which people analyzed the Roulette tables for results for a longer period. Sometimes they found that certain numbers fell more often than others and were able to rip in large sums of money that way until the casinos got wind of it. There has even been a lawsuit in Spain in which the judge ruled in favor of an analyzing player. Since then, casinos have been doing everything they can to have balanced Roulette tables and even have the tables tested if they are level. 

Smart calculators

Then there are the smart calculators who believe they understand the Roulette system. Staying true to certain combinations, such as playing dozens or triples, can yield small wins. In principle, it seems like you are always outsmarting the casino. Some smart calculators have at home in an excel sheet all kinds of calculations on the chance of always walking away from the Roulette table with certain numbers or combinations. And sometimes it also seems as if she succeeds. However, there is one big consideration that seems to outweigh these avid fortune-seekers.

The casino speaks

If you look at the game of Roulette logically, the chance that someone will find a system in the random landing of a ball is quite small. Luck is in a small corner, which means that for a short period it can seem as if you have cracked the system. In the long run, however, Roulette is a game of chance where your odds cannot be calculated in advance. When you consider that Roulette has been around for hundreds of years and that casinos today are still profitable businesses, you can’t help but conclude that you can’t beat the casino. And let’s face it, playing a game of Roulette is much more fun without all those excel sheets, isn’t it?

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