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Although basketball did not enjoy much interest in our country a dozen or so years ago, today it attracts more and more fans. This applies in particular to the American NBA league, which is a true community of stars in the sport, but also a place where new talents are learned. Not only is it the most-watched, but it is also the basic part of the offer of bookmakers and attracts more and more people who see it as profit by typing. But how to make a bet to be successful in it? How to “bite” the NBA from the perspective of a tipster? We will tell you about it in our short guide.

NBA betting tips

Although the NBA seems to be a typical league in a nondescript sport it is different, and the types in its case have to take into account many factors contributing to whether this typing is effective or simply not. Below are our TOP 5 tips on how to make this betting more effective:

Let’s analyze each match and each team  – always check what is the current form of the teams, but also put together both teams that are to take part in the duel. Let’s not stop at dry statistics – let’s watch the analyzes (they are often part of pre-and post-match studies) and draw appropriate conclusions from them precisely in terms of typing.

Let’s get to know the rules  – the NBA, but also the whole basketball, is governed by rules often different from those presented on middle and high school pitches. The basis is their excellent knowledge, which will allow us to understand everything that is happening on the pitch and act accordingly.

Let’s not decide on accumulative coupons  – although they tempt with big wins, we must remember that they must contain at least a few matches and each of them must end in our way so that we can think about any winnings. SOLO coupons are recommended for both beginners and advanced (these Akos can be played, but only occasionally).

Let’s pay attention to bookmakers  ‘ odds – bookmakers have it that they promote teams with a lower probability of winning with better odds, at the same time tempting us to bet on them (but also giving us fewer chances of winning, and more of ourselves – more to win our money). We should always pay attention to them, but do not follow them blindly. Instead, let’s look for value bets, i.e. high odds that are not so unlikely to be used to our advantage.

Let’s choose the right bookmaker  – in the case of the NBA, it is of special importance – especially since not every beech focuses on basketball to the same extent. Choosing the most suitable one for us will guarantee us access to the highest odds, but also the full offer of all matches within the NBA – even those from the lower part of the league.

The best NBA bookmakers

All legal bookmakers that operate in our country offer basketball, and with it also the most popular league within it – the NBA. This means that we can select it for each of them – but not all of them will pay off. We should choose the most versatile bookmaker, with the most attractive odds, but also the largest coverage of matches in the aforementioned league. Below we present three of our proposals, which stand out from the rest.

STS – offer for the NBA

No person would not associate STS – it is the most popular and the most trusted bookmaker. It is also a frequent choice of NBA fans – all because of its full coverage, often unbeatable rates, but also a large number of betting markets, which can be used in “live” and “prematch” formats. The ST’s bookmaker also offers a solid welcome bonus, the main advantage of which is its simple wagering rules and a free bonus of PLN 29 no deposit with the promotional code ” BETONLINE “.

Fortuna – offer for the NBA

Fortuna is another of the very recognizable (not only because of its yellow logo) bookmakers, which attracts tipsters with a wide offer, very solid odds, and great coverage of matches from the lower tiers of the NBA table. The company allows for typing in many different options (not only for the winner of the match), but also offers interesting bonuses – as many as three. One of them gives you extra money from the first deposit (even PLN 2,000), the second – a safe bet (up to PLN 200), and the third – a free bet worth PLN 20, without any major requirements for us as tipsters.

Betclic – Offer for the NBA

Compared to other bookmakers, Betclic – the youngest bookmaker in our ranking – stands out above all with the number of markets it offers for each NBA match (there can be even over 150 of them). But that’s not all – the Betclic online bookmaker offers very attractive odds on many of them, but also gives you access to a valuable welcome bonus, in which he will return up to PLN 500 for the first bet if only this turns out to be a loser (if we win, in the standard way we will get our winnings).

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